TGI FridaysSM Real Estate Requirements

We’ve analyzed the markets and learned that the highest potential sales & profitability producing sites share the following attributes:

  • High profile, high traffic areas
  • Evening and late night generators
  • Adjacent to retail, movie theaters, other restaurant uses
  • Population of 300,000+ within a 14-minute drive time
  • Population density of 3,000 per square mile
  • Daytime population of 65,000+ within 3 miles
  • 5,000-9,000 square feet on ground level, single story
  • 180-300 seating capacity plus patio/sidewalk seating areas
  • Dedicated and/or sufficient, convenient parking options on site and/or adjacent to space
  • Low “direct competition to population” ratio
  • Additional requirements by location type:
    • Freestanding site
      • 2+ acres
      • Complete building signage, pylon, monument direction signs
      • Excellent ingress/egress from primary frontage road
    • Mall site:
      • Major regional mall (1M sf+ GLA)
      • Complete brand signage, interior/exterior directional signage, main pylon listing
      • Excellent ingress/egress from primary frontage road
    • Inline site:
      • Complete frontage signage, directional signs, and blade signs as needed
      • Convenient access to site from parking, pedestrian, and public transportation

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